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About East Blue

For the past years Greece has been one of the most attractive destinations in Europe, primarily because of her geographical and geopolitical position, her climate and her beauty.

East Blue is a reliable and organized asset to any business transitioning to Greece. We are a one-stop-shop, alleviating unneeded pressure to a transitioning workforce. We have a specialized executive team, as well as close partnerships with top businesses and professionals allowing us to provide service, support, and care, for your businesses activities in Greece.


We are ready to help your journey to Greece!

In order to establish and execute a successful business in Greece, working with the best professionals is a necessity.

In East Blue, we provide foreign companies desiring to invest and do business in Greece with all the legal, financial, political, and professional support necessary for our environment.

As a base of operations, we undertake all the legal and logistical services for beginning a business, opening of a daughter company, or creating a new branch in Greece, fully harmonizing your business with the legal landscape that is in place at the time.

We are your first choice because we have created a network of the finest professionals in Greece.

our services

Our main services include but are not limited to: Real Estate, Legal Assistance, Accounting, Recruiting and Insurance. These five pillars are necessary for every company to legally be established in Greece.

Services In Greece


Our legal team consists of experienced and dedicated law firms that can advise and handle any legal needs, including the establishment of companies, the purchase and sale of real estate, as well as your representation before any authority or court. In line with Greece’s immigration policies, we also specialize in obtaining entry visas and residency permits.

Services In Greece


Our insurance team provides custom made plans from the top companies in Greece. Starting from tailor made health plans to auto, home and liability insurance - even offering group plans for businesses. East Blue has also secured college or retirement fund options through the insurance field.

Services In Greece


As the real estate arm of East Blue our desire is to serve and exceed our clients expectations by listening to our clients’ criteria, presenting available options, assisting and counseling them through the process, navigating the legality, and closing the deals in the best interest of them and their businesses.

Services In Greece


Our specialized and certified accounting offices in our network undertake all of the procedures for the swift issuance of the company based on its area of expertise, the acquisition of a tax number, the opening of a bank account its book keeping.


Within East Blue’s network, belong the largest recruiting agencies in Greece. On the one hand, our goal is to utilize the local, trustworthy, high-quality executive personnel as well as filling vacant positions that can only be recruited in Greece for the best results possible.

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