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About East Blue

East Blue is the option for people looking to migrate and/or invest in Greece. Our clients enjoy, under one roof, the convenience of having every service they need for their visa or permit. Our entire business model is based on the mantra “One”. One phone number, One email, One bank account, One company. All of our services require just One of the above. No more searching far and wide for different professionals to serve you. One company, all in One. It is the only, empirically proven way, to ensure that our clients have a peaceful transition to their new home no matter what visa or permit suits them.

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Our main services include but are not limited to: Real Estate, Legal Assistance, Accounting and Insurance. These four pillars are necessary for every client in order to legally reside in Greece.

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Our legal team consists of experienced and dedicated lawyers, that can advise you and handle any legal issue, including the granting of an entry visa to Greece, the issuing of the residence permit, the establishment of companies, the purchase and sale of real estate, as well as your representation before any authority and court.

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Our insurance team provides custom made plans from the top companies in Greece. Starting from tailor made health plans to auto, home and liability insurance as well as group plans for businesses. East Blue also offers group plans for businesses as well as college and retirement fund options.

Services In Greece


Our real estate team works with American standards of excellence when it comes to service and ingenuity. It is East Blue’s desire to inform and present available options, based on our clients’ criteria, to better assist them in choosing the best option for themselves and their families, both for residence and/or investment.

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Our accounting department has fine-tuned the process of opening a bank account and acquiring a tax number to the point of bringing the average waiting period from months to two weeks. This is our professional guarantee.


East Blue makes sure our clients have a specialized agent on call 24/7 in order to ensure that they feel like a local as soon as possible. These services range from assistance with finding education options for children to setting up the internet at your new home. We are here for every step of the way!

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East Blue is a resource network and advocacy solution for English-speaking expatriates in Greece. We exist to make the best services the most accessible. We're the ultimate local word-of-mouth source and guide. With a professional guarantee.

Golden Visa

Our most popular package. For those that qualify, the Golden Visa is the easiest option for gaining EU citizenship and investing in Greece. 


Financially Independents

For the few that can, the ideal way to enjoy Greece without wasting your time in dealing with the bureaucracy.



Enjoy the time with your family while East Blue takes care of everything for you.



Get in touch with your roots. It will get done quicker than eating a serving of baklava.


Digital Nomads

Don’t let paperwork distract you from what matters. Focus on your work while enjoying this breathtaking country.


Already Here

Didn’t find us in time? We can still help with your everyday needs.

Our Reviews

Chase Luick

Grateful for East Blues legal team! Easy and wonderful to work with. My wife and I avoided many of the nightmares we hear about when applying for residency. They were organized, informative, and responsive, even making some friends rather amazed of how quickly they took us through the process. That said, all the staff fielded our questions and were even willing to help with unrelated things. Excellent customer service.

Alkimos Anagnostou


East Blue provided an excellent service, knowledgable and attentive, in helping us set-up our business. It’s an one-stop shop providing everything needed, from establishing a company, to accounting and all kinds of insurance packages. Very professional & highly recommended.